The Common is the heart of lungs of Southampton; some 330 acres of “open” space within the City providing recreational, sporting, and play facilities for City residents, as well as being an important walking and cycling route within the western half of the City. It means many different things to many different people.

Who we are: In February 2016, local resident associations adjacent to the Common and allied local groups with a historical interest in The Common joined forces to establish a community voice to represent all Common users. From that the Southampton Common Forum developed and was formally constituted in January 2017.

Our aim: To be a focal point for issues affecting The Common for everyone who uses, enjoys or appreciates it.

Our objectives:

1. To see that all those with an interest are informed of any issues that may affect The Common.

2. To give all those with an interest a means of influencing and contributing to those issues.

3. To work alongside Southampton City Council, to contribute towards the positive management of The Common

4. To raise awareness of The Common and its benefits to the City.

5. To take any other appropriate action consistent with the aim of the Forum.

A community voice: we can only succeed in these tasks  through wide engagement with all groups of Common users and understanding your needs and wishes. We can only do this if you, in turn, engage with us, helping us to develop management plans, to work with and lobby Council and to be involved in helping maintain the Common in partnership with Council; ensuring that the Common is both protected for current and future generations and managed to appropriately meet those needs.

So please get involved, join us, follow us on facebook and participate in our meetings and activities (more).

“Your Common - Your Say”

Strategic Plan for The Common adopted by Council

The Southampton Common Forum is delighted to announce that the  new Strategic Plan for The Common  was formally adopted by Council in December 2018 and launched at our February 2019 Open Public Meeting. The final draft incorporated feedback from both SCF’s “early view” consultation exercise and Council’s own public engagement exercise and provides a bold and exciting vision for the future of The Common.


March 2020: Response to Council’s proposals for Avenue Cycle Path and Lovers’ Walk
The SCF Management Committee’s  response to the proposals can be found here.

Feb 2020: Council Green Travel around The Common.
Southampton City Council has launched a consultation on  green travel in and around The Common. They are seeking comments on 2 proposals for widening Lovers’ Walk and for segregated cycle paths on either side of The Avenue. Find out more here.

July 2019: Green Travel and Safety Public Meeting and Workshop Report
In April 2019, SCF held an open public meeting and workshop to launch our Green Travel and Safety Report and the results of our 2019 Common commuting Survey. Find out more here.

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