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The roles and responsibilities of the Forum’s Management Committee, as defined in our constitution, are to undertake the following activities on behalf of forum members:

The Forum’s Management Committee comprises a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer (the officers) and up to four other members. It may co-opt other volunteers with specific expertise and enthusiasms onto vacant positions and onto any working parties it establishes to undertake specific projects and activities. The following have been elected.

Biographies of all current members of the Management Committee can be found here.

The Forum’s Management Committee is very concerned that it should represent and draw on the wide diversity of users of the Common and so have decided to leave the remaining 2 places on the Committee empty for the time being so they can be filled in due course with this in mind. We strongly encourage applications to join, especially from women, young people and the City’s ethnic communities. If you are interested in joining the Committee or contributing to specific working groups, please do contact us using the contact page or by email.

SCF Priorities - Initial Working Groups

(1) Richer Engagement: This area will be led by Dave Johnston (Secretary). Council have emphasised that the success of the SCF depended on it being fully engaged with, and representative of, the wide range of users of the Common. The Committee fully concur with this and consider this to be the Forum’s top priority in the months ahead. We will be exploring different ways to promote and publicise the Forum and to attract as wide and inclusive a membership as possible. In the coming months we will be directly approaching and surveying Common users.

(2) A Plan for the Common: This will be led by Simon Hill, undertaken in partnership with the Council and done from the bottom up, drawing on the views of the users of the Common. The Committee has taken the view that a good starting point would to consider the Hawthorns as a model. It clearly is not fulfilling its full potential and is an area where the Forum might be able to make a strong case for external funding. Workshops will be held in the next couple of months to explore options.

(3) Operating Models:  This will be led by Adam Wheeler. The first action here be to understand how SCF  fits in with an options appraisal being undertaken by the City Council.

Get Involved / Join

“Your Common - Your Say”! If you are interested in contributing to any of these working roups, please contact us using the contact page or by email.

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