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In early 2017, the Forum worked in partnership with the Council to organise two public discussion workshops to consider possible future options for the Hawthorns Urban Wildlife Centre, which currently serves the multiple purposes of:

 The workshops took place at the Hawthorns itself on 2nd and 4th May and involved valuable contributions from both Hawthorns staff and interested members of the public. Full summaries of the workshops will be available soon.

One of the issues identified by the workshops was the “visibility” and outward appearance” of the Centre. It is set back from the path and surrounded by dense vegetation, such that many felt that it does not appear to be either obvious or welcoming to Common users. These issues can be relatively quickly, easily and cheaply addressed through a combination of Council and volunteer effort. Other issues, such as possible enlargement of the Centre are much longer term aspirations.

As an immediate outcome from the workshops, the Forum has submitted proposals to Council to help improve the visibility of the Centre, which we hope to start work on in early 2018.

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Forum proposals to Council to help improve the visibility of the Hawthorns Urban Wildlife Centre.

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