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Current Issues

The Common needs to continually evolve and adapt to meet the needs of City residents. Any proposed changes will be welcomed by some as long awaited and needed improvements and opposed by others as unwanted and unnecessary change.

It will be impossible to please everyone all of the time. However, the Forum aims to inform the debate on relevant issues and to provide accurate and accessible information and links to original documents with which individuals and groups can make up their own minds. Sometimes the Forum will be able to represent a consensus of its members, at other times it will need to record that there is no unified voice.

At our Public Open Meeting on 7th June 2016, those attending participated in a series of workshops to identify issues and stakeholders, resulting in large numbers of individual issues and concerns being recorded. The reports from that meeting can be found here.

Currently, the immediate issues affecting The Common include:

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Playground redevelopment

Encroachment issues

Green travel

Lovers’ Walk

Hill Lane


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Copyright © Southampton Common Forum - 2021