Project Aim: to reclaim overgrown tarmac paths and pavements back to the existing tarmac limit, thereby making these more usable for pedestrians and cyclists.

Rationale: the 2017 SCF Common User Survey identified a triangle of tensions between dog walkers, cyclists and pedestrians on the path. Currently there is no designated cycle way up The Avenue and this narrow, fast (40 mph) road is far from ideal for cycling. Failure to clear leaves, grass clippings and scrub has lead to dramatic loss of pavement width. In places up to 1m width of path can be recovered! This project will make these paths more useable and more attractive, creating alternative options and relieving pressure on other paths.

Timing: all year round, there being no identified constraints from ecology.

Download project poster here.

Volunteer project #1 – Pavement Clearance on The Avenue / Highfield Lane