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Survey: Likes, as of July 2017 (click for larger image)

Southampton Common Users’ Survey 2017

“Your Common - Your Say”

Throughout summer 2017, Southampton Common Forum conducted a survey of Southampton residents to collect their views about Southampton Common and the improvements which they would like to see made and to understand how The Common is used. We were also very interested to hear the views of those Southampton residents who currently do not use The Common, or who only only use it rarely, to find out why and to understand what would make The Common more attractive to them.

Everybody with an interest in Southampton Common was encouraged to give their views and significant efforts were made to engage with the City’s different ethnic communities (we even had it translated into Mandarin), with school and college students, with the universities and with the City’s major employers.

The survey was available online, or as a download to print and return to the Hawthorns Urban Wildlife Centre on The Common. Paper copies of the survey could also be returned to the Hawthorns.

The survey closed at the end of October. We are now analysing some 2,200 detailed responses, a magnificent response which means that we have a really solid body of evidence to present to Council and to help inform the rewriting of the Common Management Plan, so that The Common continues to meet the needs of City residents into the future.

We are now undertaking a detailed analysis of the results which will be published at our next public meeting on 13th December 2017 (more details to follow shortly). The anonymised raw data will also be published then.

A really big Thank you to you all

Postcode location of all map-able responses are shown below:

Survey: Dislikes as of July 2017 (Click for larger image)

2016 06 10 likes.png 2016 06 10 dislikes.png

Latest Survey Update

By the time our survey closed at the end of October 2017, nearly 2,200 residents from all across the City, had taken the time and trouble to fill in the online survey.